The staircase

In the glittering of space and time above or darkness and intrigued that lays below. I stand to question which way to go. The current situation that tempts the curiosity of a cat, which makes me wonder if I should grow, said fuzzy ears then perhaps the heaven or darkness may relinquish a clue so I could better choose what to do. Though the fog that encompasses this scene leaves mystery and surprise to the imaginations eye. All in oblivion I do ponder here and there which stair creaks or which rail slithers like the serpent hypnotizing the audience of this show. So which path to choose? One would all at once consider if one way is a prophecy of doom. Does paradise await above or the hellish master below? Maybe, just maybe I choose neither high or low.

Published by N.K. Sterling

A sibling and daughter to some, a friend to others. As an artist , writer, and dreamer N.K Sterling spends days crafting new creations be it in painting or jewelry making or dabbling in many creative avenues in life from music to sewing has only made Sterling more inspired to keep trying new things. Enjoying a good book by the fire, or an adventurous outing with furry friends is always a go to for this expressive soul. Writing has been a passion since the age of twelve and the associate's degree in liberal arts has only help expand this creative mind for future endeavors while currently living in the southern USA.

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