The Artist Promise

When I was younger in my mid-teens I came up with this oath of sorts. It was just for fun and it is like the promise of an artist. Thanks for coming by, and I’ve had several people follow my blog so far and thank you so much for doing so. Being an all around artist has always been a main skill set for me. From drawing to writing, from singing to crafting, there is so many skills I have and I am glad to have been born with them. So the artist promise is a oath of sorts for any type of artist no matter what genre or medium you are in.

This is just a random post on my perspective of being an artist. So my promise as an artist is to continue to create, to make the world more colorful, more inventive and interesting for everyone. To continue using my imagination to inspire, and let others enjoy my skills as much as I enjoy using them to give moments of distractions for anyone who sees my art. Every artist should have that perspective in some way in their life, to use their skills to create their own type of beauty on this planet and to help others when they can, even in the smallest way. I know a lot of artists struggle, I am one of those types that could near go into the starving artist category half the time. Even though it can be rough, I keep going because this a major part of my life and always has been. Even though I am not greatly successful all my artistic endeavors tend to be a passion in most cases or something I am highly interested in. I just want to say don’t give up on what you want to chase in life, no matter the career or passion you are wanting or feel you need to have in your life.

I know life can knock you down, even sometimes knock you out but just remember get back up. Take a break if you have to but don’t give it up no matter who says what, or where you are you can change the situation. It might take a while, but everyone starts somewhere and you just got to keep driving forward and let nothing stop you in your own journey. I hope you are all doing well and thanks for being here. I hope you all find much success in what you want in life.


Published by N.K. Sterling

A sibling and daughter to some, a friend to others. As an artist , writer, and dreamer N.K Sterling spends days crafting new creations be it in painting or jewelry making or dabbling in many creative avenues in life from music to sewing has only made Sterling more inspired to keep trying new things. Enjoying a good book by the fire, or an adventurous outing with furry friends is always a go to for this expressive soul. Writing has been a passion since the age of twelve and the associate's degree in liberal arts has only help expand this creative mind for future endeavors while currently living in the southern USA.

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