Poem: Imagine

A silence across the world, a sign of calm. No more tears of sadness and only marks of joy. The rockets red glare buried beneath Earth’s surface. Cries of pain long faded in the past, no scars to Outlast the ticking of the clock. A quiet energy sweeps across the land, a new time has risen another era begins. The weapons long rusted, crumbling into disrepair. Memories of no recollection of such war torn devastation that weaved about this blue marble. Skin bares no proof of what the soul contains, the blood that runs through all veins of mortal physique. Imagine a peace that cloaks every country, a world united beneath one flag. A gentle breeze grazes the ear, a whisper of a time long past; maybe this time it will outlast.

Published by N.K. Sterling

A sibling and daughter to some, a friend to others. As an artist , writer, and dreamer N.K Sterling spends days crafting new creations be it in painting or jewelry making or dabbling in many creative avenues in life from music to sewing has only made Sterling more inspired to keep trying new things. Enjoying a good book by the fire, or an adventurous outing with furry friends is always a go to for this expressive soul. Writing has been a passion since the age of twelve and the associate's degree in liberal arts has only help expand this creative mind for future endeavors while currently living in the southern USA.

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