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Amazon.com: Chocolate Covered Cherries (9781726667487): Sterling, Nk: Books

Sins of the flesh and a web of lies that can come crashing down in a moment; that is the life of Catherine Carol, or that is who she claims to be, danger and contracts is all she knows; though is that all she is really doing? She has lived her life independent and free to choose what she desires, then as a series of murders take place among her own kind, she begins to doubt her own sanity and fears for her life and the lives of those she cares for. As the walls begin closing in here comes and unlikely stranger, Justin Monroe; a supposed well-mannered business tycoon who is only in the city for a visit or so he claims. Can Catherine over come her past to trust this man enough to become the likely hero, or is he really the villain? Twists and turns walk you through her life as a roller coaster of emotions and events spiral her down a ominous path of shadows and mystery; can she survive the wrath of these turbulent times, or will her life story be on tomorrow’s front page newspaper as the latest victim?

That writing looks like chicken scratch! No, it is hen scratch. This collection of poetry is a mixture of many topics and subjects. From exploring medieval castles with your imagination to questioning the depths in a sonnet about beauty. Take a journey into nature’s many aspects or visit a haunted house. This poetry book has a little bit of something for everyone, and it totals 52 poems in all. Within these pages it also contains a few black and white abstract illustrations about some of the poetry that has weaved itself upon each page in this book. Are you seeking a sweet romantic ? Or how about a catchy limerick? You can find it within this book which has been pieced together with poems through the years.

Does the future meet the past, or does the past meet the future? Olivia Adam shall endeavor to discover that answer while trying to stay alive in this historic incident. Her normal career-oriented life is flipped upside down after stumbling into an antique shop and finding herself over 200 years in the past. A ransom demand and near-deadly poisoning have her wondering if she will have the opportunity to find her answers. The idyllic vacation she had planned cast away as a noble lord plays with her heartstrings, attempting to lure her into a forbidden love. Olivia finds herself on a deadly adventure that has her precariously tiptoeing a fine line between two worlds that have collided in the most stunning way. Will she ever return home, or has destiny chosen her path for her in this electrifying tale we can all ponder does a mirror reflection really tell-all?

In the midst of a history long plagued by clan wars and deception how much is family honor and loyalty worth? Bridget must flee from an arranged marriage, as Justin must face a war torn ancestral past to discover what his birth right truly holds. Endangerment, love, and destiny intertwine the lives of everyone who cross trails with these two young souls. An adventurous child who was meant to be a great Scottish Lord stolen, and an heiress that wants to run from her family troubles and expectations unexpectedly have their two worlds weaved as one; beginning a perilous journey that pieces a lost heritage back together. Justin believes delivering Bridget to safety may save more than just her freedom, it might save his future and alter a series of events that impact the whole country of Scotland. Can the hero and heroine survive their quest to ever find the lives they truly seek? What path is really right or wrong, and does it really matter when thieves, mercenaries and a corrupt Scottish Lord are tracking your every move?

Join the first of the chilling stories of Classified Criminal Tales: A Whispers in Time. Meet FBI agent Viotto and his team as they explore and chase the clues leading to a case that could unravel across the country. The mystery deepens as what they think is a serial killer turns out to be something far more sinister as cases begin to crop up in multiple locations across the United States. With his own agents in danger as much as the victims, Viotto finds his own sanity being tested as his team and him are led in complete circles with little to go on. Can they save the missing women and their own skins as this perilous journey begins to unfold in a unforgettable set of circumstances that may haunt everyone involved for a lifetime.

Topic : Kindle Vella

So if you haven’t heard of kindle vella, it is a new platform that Amazon has come up with for authors/readers. It released earlier this week for readers and authors could post on it for last couple months. It is literally serialized writing, so authors post chapter by chapter. First three chapters are free and then you basically buy tokens to read the rest of the chapters.

I am an author on the site, I have three stories started on kindle vella. It seems to be a fairly easy concept for authors and readers. Readers just have to go to the kindle vella site and search keywords like fantasy to find books more to their liking. Authors can post at their leisure over all and can even turn every ten chapters into a paperback or eReader book. As of yet I am not getting any hits on my stories but it is early in the game. If you are looking for a way to publish pieces of a book and maybe make a little side money this is it. It is like a wattpad in some sense, but I am sure Amazon has just pretty much tossed the concept against the wall to see if it sticks.

We won’t really know the outcome and if this platform is long term for a few months depending how popular it gets. I will likely update about this in a couple months just to let other authors know how it is going, and how one sided getting noticed is on this platform. If you are curious about my stories on there just look for N.K. Sterling. Well thanks for reading hope everyone is doing well, keep being creative everyone. Take care.

Poem: Stories

Look out on the horizon peer out to sea what wondrous things are before thee? Monstrous, magnanimous looming mountains abound; silence brings whispers throughout the foggy peaks. Stories of old, ancient tales that embolden to all those who seek truth along the golden horizon that greets both darkness and light. For what sacrifice has been spilled upon the land and drained into the endless oceanic world of the deep, which brings with it majestic words that do not speak. A universe apart from what we know, dangerous that harbor love within the abyss. The shore hungers for more then just the caress of the tide, even as the two worlds collide. Only the star kissed heaven’s above witness each eternal love.

poem: unworldy

If all the world would tremble, and silence would be no more, only one soul would hear the rap upon the door. With rushing winds and gusting tides there is no reasons, or compromise as heaven’s defeat does blaze across the midnight skies. Eternal conundrum of blasphemy, of blurred prophecy that speaks to no ears willing to listen. Forgiven for not what has transpired, but what will occur in the churning wheel that holds all fortunes. Given fate’s demand , the will on a whim. A branch stretched into the darkness that whispers eerie promises of eternal light. A masterful flight into the ever evolving eternity that hungers for every drop that over flows into the abyss of our brewing lives. Mystical, magical, manipulating games of the mind and soul; dream, scheme , but always scream for the edge has only just risen above the ash and soot.

Poem: Battleground

Stand your ground , mark your lines, this fight is not done until your last breath. Regress, progress, one step back, two forward. Wonder, blunder wait for the thunder then strike like lightening upon the world around. You are great, grand, graceful and grateful for all you’ve been and soon to be. Fall then rise again, spin, whirl, twirl the environment around. Embrace all that is given , taken, broken, forsaken. This heart broken, breaking. You aren’t dead, just stripped bare. Create a new foundation, liasion with yourself. You are strong, beautiful, wonderful, you, no one else can create the change, rearrange what you want to see, want to be. The battle is real, a hard deal to strive through, pull through. You can do it, cross the lines break the limits placed upon yourself. You try and fail, feel destitute, destruction but it is life, it is strife but you decide how to make your choice, your path. It is yours, now choose.

Poem: Temperance

A balance of light and day, sun and moon come to play. One step at a time, one turn than another. You can rise and help one another to aid in each plight that is a fight. The scales tip, buckle, and groan. Sway to and fro , right to left and a foray of lavish displays or down low wither and slow. Raging or serading a life that is grand or hard to understand. Reach for a paradise, imagine a greater tomorrow and a future worth fighting for.

Poem: The pirate ship

On the sailing sea and rough tides there lurks a ship on the deep blue that haunts and stalks every vessel that lingers on the horizon. Guns ablaze this crew makes their trades on the black market that supports their dirty deeds of ransom and stealing creeds. Oaths of the forsaken, souls of the dark, awakened. Whispers on the wind they do make their target again; cutting through the water like a knife their ship they call black paradise. Wicked maneuvers they perform making you wish you were never born. Abuse and confuse they bare their ways for the world to see and then….without a trace they vanish again.

Poem: Shadows

Shadows dance along the walls, haunting and daunting memories after all. Wisps of dreams as darkness rings the bell to the entrance of life and strife. Sacrifice and endless wonders; up and down embrace the blunders to expand the horizon of perfection. Blackness, tactless tickle across the skin. A caress from the lips of the forsaken, a love stretched between the ages; pages blank before us to write a future. Can’t turn the book back to the start the words are glued, tattooed forever; drenched in the blood of each soul that has signed to live, to die. Shadow of a memory? A whisper of the past? Mending, blending eternities wrath.

Poem: Twist and twine

Twist and twine like a vine wrapping about the core where none ever explore. From the depths of jungle life to concrete mountains abound and rivers wash in red from the blood that has been bled. The fallen, the calling to the soul, a patriot, warrior no bindings to hold what can not be seen or read. Pull deep and without, find what requires to feed the beast within. Twist and twine again, fib and vibe like the spinning wheel of spindles unreal. Whispers chasing the shadows of the past. Hiding, biting the time for what takes eternity. Ribbons and ties constrict the lies that breach the surface of existence. Wonder, blunder just feel the thunder of nature’s bliss, something so hard to miss. Twist and twine, can’t rewind, only step up or down. The stairs weave and lead to unimaginable heights, find your own spiritual kite to take flight.

Poem: Life

From the earth we rise and to the earth we fall. Time is borrowed for us all. Create your memories and let them last for the future becomes the past. Love and hold those who are dear, fill your life with good cheer, for it could all disappear within a blink. Things go faster than you think. Don’t be pushed to the brink, always remember who you are, be guided by your own star. Let your life be your own, for soon you grow and age and return home, to the earth we all have known.

Poem: whistling wind

Within the valley so high you can discover a sound that Echoes far and wide. Between Rock and wood a familiar frequency often understood by the ears of man and animals alike. A whistle from the invisible friend the old element, wind. With fierce and monstrous gusts that shove too and fro through leaves,eves and canopy of trees. A warning, a greeting, take it as you wish but old whistling wind has stories easily missed.