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Sins of the flesh and a web of lies that can come crashing down in a moment; that is the life of Catherine Carol, or that is who she claims to be, danger and contracts is all she knows; though is that all she is really doing? She has lived her life independent and free to choose what she desires, then as a series of murders take place among her own kind, she begins to doubt her own sanity and fears for her life and the lives of those she cares for. As the walls begin closing in here comes and unlikely stranger, Justin Monroe; a supposed well-mannered business tycoon who is only in the city for a visit or so he claims. Can Catherine over come her past to trust this man enough to become the likely hero, or is he really the villain? Twists and turns walk you through her life as a roller coaster of emotions and events spiral her down a ominous path of shadows and mystery; can she survive the wrath of these turbulent times, or will her life story be on tomorrow’s front page newspaper as the latest victim?

That writing looks like chicken scratch! No, it is hen scratch. This collection of poetry is a mixture of many topics and subjects. From exploring medieval castles with your imagination to questioning the depths in a sonnet about beauty. Take a journey into nature’s many aspects or visit a haunted house. This poetry book has a little bit of something for everyone, and it totals 52 poems in all. Within these pages it also contains a few black and white abstract illustrations about some of the poetry that has weaved itself upon each page in this book. Are you seeking a sweet romantic ? Or how about a catchy limerick? You can find it within this book which has been pieced together with poems through the years.

Does the future meet the past, or does the past meet the future? Olivia Adam shall endeavor to discover that answer while trying to stay alive in this historic incident. Her normal career-oriented life is flipped upside down after stumbling into an antique shop and finding herself over 200 years in the past. A ransom demand and near-deadly poisoning have her wondering if she will have the opportunity to find her answers. The idyllic vacation she had planned cast away as a noble lord plays with her heartstrings, attempting to lure her into a forbidden love. Olivia finds herself on a deadly adventure that has her precariously tiptoeing a fine line between two worlds that have collided in the most stunning way. Will she ever return home, or has destiny chosen her path for her in this electrifying tale we can all ponder does a mirror reflection really tell-all?

In the midst of a history long plagued by clan wars and deception how much is family honor and loyalty worth? Bridget must flee from an arranged marriage, as Justin must face a war torn ancestral past to discover what his birth right truly holds. Endangerment, love, and destiny intertwine the lives of everyone who cross trails with these two young souls. An adventurous child who was meant to be a great Scottish Lord stolen, and an heiress that wants to run from her family troubles and expectations unexpectedly have their two worlds weaved as one; beginning a perilous journey that pieces a lost heritage back together. Justin believes delivering Bridget to safety may save more than just her freedom, it might save his future and alter a series of events that impact the whole country of Scotland. Can the hero and heroine survive their quest to ever find the lives they truly seek? What path is really right or wrong, and does it really matter when thieves, mercenaries and a corrupt Scottish Lord are tracking your every move?

Join the first of the chilling stories of Classified Criminal Tales: A Whispers in Time. Meet FBI agent Viotto and his team as they explore and chase the clues leading to a case that could unravel across the country. The mystery deepens as what they think is a serial killer turns out to be something far more sinister as cases begin to crop up in multiple locations across the United States. With his own agents in danger as much as the victims, Viotto finds his own sanity being tested as his team and him are led in complete circles with little to go on. Can they save the missing women and their own skins as this perilous journey begins to unfold in a unforgettable set of circumstances that may haunt everyone involved for a lifetime.

Poem: The Silenced

Voiceless, speechless, caged, enraged. Entrapment within oneself. Externally, internally silenced. Drowning in the tide; wading in quicksand that rips the salvation from the soul. Wonderless, wordless as they bind and tie the very existence and essence of eternity. Gagged, bound by all that is dark, treacherous and treasonous. A poison to the heart, a mirrored reflection to the soul that shatters in the darkest of nights. Tears, fears, ripped, shredded, and dreaded dreams to reality. Impaled and swallowed by the merciless depths of the pits that echo damnation. Gripping, clawing for escape, screams drowned in the monotone of the crowds which continued forward toward their doom. Never heard or seen, as the footing slips beneath you and you fall, once again silenced.

On the Wind

Topsy turbie in the wind the dragon scales have sung again. Whistling wildly through the trees what breath has ignited this gentle breeze. What talons have sharpened the eves as the whispers haunt the soul. Ruffling your hair like a hurricane that drifts along the ocean’s caress. What wild blustering seasons have swept with the wings of flight? Which lands have been scorched by the plight of fire and fear? Upper and lower currents swivel and twist about the world’s curves and cervices. Spin round, up, down; out of control no silence to be found once thy flesh is graced by the presence of what can not be seen. The sun has fallen, night is calling for the prey of those who stray on the wind.


Shimmering, gleaming always streaming through the night and the shades of the trees. The sister, mother, brother of the sun. Whispering history or the future in the dreams of children abound. Sleepless slumbers of those of darkness never weaving the song of eternity. Luna, illuminate all that transpires of the darkest tides of earth and sea. Dancing of the rays of mystery and time; linked through the abstract and tendrils of soft lace. Wisps of forever bound in the sable that unleashes no sound and grasped in stillness. So dear Luna cast no lies or deceit upon the planes you touch. Tell no tale of madness or sadness that blemishes the soul and haunts the mind. Gazing and paraphrasing the treachery of man, who has not stumbled at your beauty or not lay eyes on your existence. Find nothing in silence.

Poem: Morning Glory

What sweet nothings that fell from your lips as the sun kissed the morning shores. Empty promises that fell into the watery depths that spewed from the tongue of the one who claimed to be bound to a soul reflection. The love now turned bitter upon the heart and thoughts no more linger within the mind. Found then lost, a love divine. Choosing everything but what matters most, a connection lost in the smoke. The embers smoldered from a burning passion into the grit of ashes in the wind. What more did you seek? What price was never heavy enough? In another’s arms you claim this day; brushing away our memory like soot on your boot, perhaps our path was never meant to twine. Although our love was like aged wine. Here the early sun rays still splay across the pillow you once warmed that has barely cooled. You broke not my heart for perhaps this was predicted in the stars of who we are; but you dismissed every claim and played it as a game until you grew bored. So the whispers fell silent to my ears and your touch lingers no more across the chills that raced over my skin. Although now the distance between us can never be far enough.

“The” One

The one or just one, In the sea of endless souls. We hear the whispers and feel the dreams as love always unfolds. Sweet words and timeless memories that cascade over our existences. Just one, not always the one to wrap about every cell and thought that descends into the depths of just being. Sketch and paint in the mind’s eye of what will transpire instead soon expires. It’s just one, not the one that reflects in the stars that lace the skies for eternity. What is the one? A question for each individual, for each their own desires mirroring in another soul. Just one can still echo the pain, and drive insanity. Just one can brighten the day when the storm rages inside. Just one, may never be the one, but they were one that impacted every inch of a life.


Once, twice you risk it all. On thrice watch it fall. Whispers of eternity dashed in the wind. Sprinkled to the earth to bring an end. Wildly thrashed and opened wide some shut tight, others to bide. What creations shredded on the blades of time, that know no pain, love or fear. Whisps of nonchalant that brings memories so clear, once dear or perhaps now sodden with despair. Let all words lay bare upon the breeze as history is written as is pleased. Upon the knees of those that have bled, count the graves and know what is said. No tales of glory or defeat trace the lips of those departed as lonely tears chase the years lost. Turn the page and be aware, the next chapter may strip your soul of each chance and dice you roll.


As the world falls into chaos, how does one stand upon the edge of oblivion? In faith and tradition, or perhaps ambition and superstition. Plunged into the depths of the unknown. Wickedly deceitful strings are pulled, what illusion shall shatter that harbors the wool? Wonderous creations that lure and betray the mind’s eye of the flock. Tip toes and whispers I kid you not. The curtain is drawn to a close, the stage is set and most do not know for the pages were smeared. Puppeteers arise and cast the shadows that blind the fool. Follow not what calls to the temptations of ideologies that have formed cracks in the foundation of lies and corruption. Peel the layers back of the decaying mass spewing the poison of destitution. Not on fate’s command or the will of a deity. Reveal the origin and set yourself free.

Poem: Dragon Spell

Fantasy, myth, legend…whispered upon the wind, call it an old friend filled with stories of antiquity. Weaved like a cacoon, an old tune. Tickles the senses and just out of reach. Perhaps the secrets strike with the lightening from above and gather in the earth below. A dragon’s spell? One never knows what language they speak to memorize the world abound. Strange occurrence, ironic endeavors. Blame the logical, practical but perhaps look beyond the nose of society and see the mystery and unsolvable that lays before what is given, not taken.