My newest book

Revenge is Just a Word is my latest book release on kindle and in paperback. It takes you into the ancient world of Scotland’s clan wars with adventure and action. It involves the two main characters and many others that are in depth with the twisty plots and danger that lurks about every corner. With sword fights and horseback journey’s there is something for everyone in this book. It is also a series and could possibly have up to five books. The thieves, forced engagements, family turmoil’s, evil schemes and a impossible love, line these pages. I hope you give it a look see. Thanks for joining me.



Hello all, a bit about myself. I am living in the southern USA. I am an artist of many talents and will post about all sorts. The following things I often do: write, draw, paint, photography, music, crafts and even sewing. I hope you are all doing well in your corner of the world and thanks for stopping by. I hope you find some of my posts enjoyable and you find a bit of inspiration for creativity.

Cheaslar Castle Project : N.K. Sterling

In towering grace and mountainous strength standing the weathering test of time, there stands Chesalear Castle; seeming to rise from the bed of rock and soil, for which it slumbers for eternity- With hauntingly, magnanimous looming walls that stretch into the endless glittering skies of golden rays, it holds the secrets of all the past lives betrayed- What wicked deceits and stories untold are withheld in this stronghold? With its lushes green carpets lacing the hills abound that whispers no tales of past glories or defeats on these grounds- What ghostly ghouls do lurk in the shadows of the stony structure that sinks deeper within the murky bottomless depths of the earth each year? For one day it will all disappear – What scandalous affairs and gossipy maids came and went through this monstrous maze of halls and chambers? Those that are counted two by two that now lay empty from a moment in time now forgotten to the human mind- What fires have laid in the hearths that now reveal no existence but soot and ash? What mysteries and magic has been lost with this foreboding luminous creation of man that lingers upon the horizon?- Sanctuary now only to the spirits of the past and the shadows of memories that did not last; though as your steps do click against the echoing stone under foot, you may be blessed to capture a look of the antiquity in a glimmering shimmer of sun or moon beam, for nothing at Chesalear castle is ever as it seems.-
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