Poem: Shadows

Shadows dance along the walls, haunting and daunting memories after all. Wisps of dreams as darkness rings the bell to the entrance of life and strife. Sacrifice and endless wonders; up and down embrace the blunders to expand the horizon of perfection. Blackness, tactless tickle across the skin. A caress from the lips of the forsaken, a love stretched between the ages; pages blank before us to write a future. Can’t turn the book back to the start the words are glued, tattooed forever; drenched in the blood of each soul that has signed to live, to die. Shadow of a memory? A whisper of the past? Mending, blending eternities wrath.

Poem: Twist and twine

Twist and twine like a vine wrapping about the core where none ever explore. From the depths of jungle life to concrete mountains abound and rivers wash in red from the blood that has been bled. The fallen, the calling to the soul, a patriot, warrior no bindings to hold what can not be seen or read. Pull deep and without, find what requires to feed the beast within. Twist and twine again, fib and vibe like the spinning wheel of spindles unreal. Whispers chasing the shadows of the past. Hiding, biting the time for what takes eternity. Ribbons and ties constrict the lies that breach the surface of existence. Wonder, blunder just feel the thunder of nature’s bliss, something so hard to miss. Twist and twine, can’t rewind, only step up or down. The stairs weave and lead to unimaginable heights, find your own spiritual kite to take flight.

Poem: Life

From the earth we rise and to the earth we fall. Time is borrowed for us all. Create your memories and let them last for the future becomes the past. Love and hold those who are dear, fill your life with good cheer, for it could all disappear within a blink. Things go faster than you think. Don’t be pushed to the brink, always remember who you are, be guided by your own star. Let your life be your own, for soon you grow and age and return home, to the earth we all have known.

Poem: whistling wind

Within the valley so high you can discover a sound that Echoes far and wide. Between Rock and wood a familiar frequency often understood by the ears of man and animals alike. A whistle from the invisible friend the old element, wind. With fierce and monstrous gusts that shove too and fro through leaves,eves and canopy of trees. A warning, a greeting, take it as you wish but old whistling wind has stories easily missed.

Poem: Time

Round and round, up and down those hands upon the wall. Tic tic tic toc , or make no sound at all. What antagonizing creation of man to walk to a beat for a lifetime incomplete. A rhythm that haunts the soul and makes the days slip out of control. Out of time, out of breath what is really left? No way or reason how time is nothing but a wheel, numbers that cause a chill and have no meaning beyond conscious webs. Dreams of no clock, walk of hope and destiny to embrace , that familiar face upon the wall simply numbers that is all.

Poem: Meadow flowers

In carpets green and sheets of rainbow colors. The spring has graced the world again and with vengance the blooms begin to spread from mountain foot to river bottom. They dance and bend within the wind which carries their seeds for the coming years to new and daring lands lands of unknown origins. With leaves reaching high and petals so soft they splash the horizon with wonderful colors and works of art. Though fading away as summer comes to shield the beauty from blistering heat, they will return upon the next year to bring new cheer.

Poem: Broken Arrows

With greed and selfishness they swarmed the land- With guns and swords they made demands- With arms open they greeted with smiles to foreigners who traveled many moons away- Though time soon told a different tale, no allies or friends to make a pact, only abuse and attacks-

With spears and arrows they joined their brothers of earth, wind, fire, and baring their arms to defend their lives and claims of ancestor’s domains- Though far outnumbered they gave war cries, those native braves lost their lives…- Broken arrows and gun powdered filled air there lays the crimes for all to bare…-

Families split and tribal plights, so much death and sacrifice- For progress? For advancement? Names drawn in blood across the plains- Slaughtered like cattle and called savage for differences of skin and belief. Perhaps the only ones who are savage are those with blame at their feet and lives on their hands, forsaking their own souls across the ancient pagan lands.

Will the crimes repeat? Will it come to call? What will history have to fill the pages next? Division, alienation of those you can’t understand. Fear of those that bleed the same as you and have similar strife? Play not the blind fool and sew hate against any who are not the same as you, look beyond the surface of flesh and bone. Discover the soul and atone.

Poem: Lady Luck

She smiles on some, but not to all. She haunts you with the luck of the draw. She teases and taunts gamblers and risk takers alike; blessing some and betraying those she never likes. Is lady luck here or there? Can she be found anywhere? Does she like the the hunt, the game? Or just cares for those she tries to tame? Maybe she just likes fortune smiling for when she smiles the luck is abound take your chances because the luck could turn giving the ever turning lessons to learn.

Poem: Kiss to the Moon

When night falls she comes to greet the world around and life can seem upside down. Blow a kiss to the illumination above who waits for her love, but he never comes. He is trapped on the otherside bringing sunshine to life and growth, while she brings calm and sleep. So send them each a kiss and let them know it’s from the lover who rarely catches a glimpse. They send whispers on the stars to let each other know how they are, so worry will not eclipse the light and cause the earth a plight. Out of reach but not of sight, they bid everyone a good day and night.

Poem: Candle light

Light a candle and think of me, and I will do the same for thee. No matter the distance between us now, even if we are an ocean apart distance can’t change the human heart, but can cause yearning and burning desire for the ones missed longing for the kiss of passion and love abound .Feelings so high but with feet on the ground. No matter how far or how deep this Liasion will never be complete until we find each others arms.

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