Writing a book tips

So you have your idea for a book? Now what? What should you do with it or where to start? Well for someone who feels overwhelmed by the concept of writing a whole novel the best thing to do is start with breaking down your idea into sections for the book. Start with a characterContinue reading “Writing a book tips”

Pros and Cons of Book Writing

Hello all thanks for stopping in on my blog. So I am covering the pros and cons of writing books today. I don’t consider writing a book a negative on any level, but some do since the markets are so flooded and it is hard to sometimes get noticed as an author. So some ofContinue reading “Pros and Cons of Book Writing”

Book Teaser: Revenge is Just a Word

“I promise, you promise too?” Fiona couldn’t help but to smile at her son as he questioned her. She brought her hand over her heart to mimic his actions. He was growing fast and one day soon he would be gone from her. It was a depressing thought but that is how life circles aroundContinue reading “Book Teaser: Revenge is Just a Word”

Poem: Night Shift

As daylight kisses the earth it triggers a raging fire. The tendrils of sunlight wrap the rays about every darkened soul. The warmth chases the chills from the bones that set in from night’s slumber. With gentle caresses from the mused wind it nudges and tickles breath into every crevice and crease across the land.Continue reading “Poem: Night Shift”

Writing a book part 1

Well, welcome to my blog and posts. Thank you for stopping in. I will write a few posts on how writing a book impacts me and how you might want to start your own book journey. So far I’ve written three finished novels and a poetry book. Each book is a journey of it’s ownContinue reading “Writing a book part 1”