Poem: The Cowboy

In the mountains of Wyoming he did ride, here came the snow drift and the frozen tide. With unsure footing he stumbled through the cold. His horse by his side and gun strapped to hip, his frozen fingers could not grip. With shaking chills that racked his frame, his breath a fog, his boots didContinue reading “Poem: The Cowboy”

Poem: Darkness to Light

The bleakness can be deceiving cause havoc and mislead. A darkness can blanket the world around make it all turn upside down. Tinkering, lingering , stumbling through darkest time. On the horizon it does peek forward against the gaze. A single spec of light in the distance that hypnotizes and lures the soul. Surrendering notContinue reading “Poem: Darkness to Light”

Poem: Leafy

Floating gently in the wind and growing heavily in the trees, absorbing all the sunshine and reaching for the blue abyss above all to see. Rattle and whisper through the breeze. Freeze and called by winter’s breath, changing season when nothing is left. Brittle and crunchy beneath the feet , rake away at no defeat.Continue reading “Poem: Leafy”

Poem: The Forbidden

Do thy ever search the sky for an answer to the unknown? T’was on the eve of the ‘morrow that unravels the forbidden mystery that may not touch the lips or be whispered upon thy tongue. A bitter moment that Cascades and ripples from shore to mountain peak. Words unheard a thread unwillingly to unravelContinue reading “Poem: The Forbidden”

Poem: Bloom in June

In the midst of summer with the sweltering heat blazing abound. A single bloom rises from the earth. With petals the hue of the fiery desert sunsets, and mirages that cast the doubt of the mind. Dare to pick such beauty of the desert rose? A prick of the thorns sends you into the depthsContinue reading “Poem: Bloom in June”

Poem: Ocean Roar

The waters lap against the shore hungering for so much more. The heart beats at the core; beneath the sea bed the fires burn, a lesson for eternity to learn. The waves crash and roar as their might reaches the pentacle height that lashes at the land. Washes the past from existence of time andContinue reading “Poem: Ocean Roar”

Poem: Thunder

With might unclear to humanity the thunder reverberates across the valley. Shake and tremble at the storm as it speaks of wrath and revenge. Stand before nature’s fury and greatness once again. No silence to grace ears around, only thunderous suspense that echo into existence. Lightening amplifies and dances across the midnight skies bringing gloryContinue reading “Poem: Thunder”

Poem: Daybreak

By morning dew I reach for you before sun light kisses nature’s glory. The light caresses chill the skin, loving, tender whispers again. Kindness courses through the veins by every touch I know your name. This love affair, so unfair for distance divides the world’s we live. Little time, endless emotions that course through everyContinue reading “Poem: Daybreak”

Poem: Foolish heart

Dare to love another beyond family and friends, a call to the heart on the mends. Folly should be thy name for love is the fools game as it twists like knife inside the soul; a harsh weapon of choice, but one to show. How many tears? Stoking the fears of acceptance or rejection uponContinue reading “Poem: Foolish heart”