My Books on Amazon Chocolate Covered Cherries (9781726667487): Sterling, Nk: Books Sins of the flesh and a web of lies that can come crashing down in a moment; that is the life of Catherine Carol, or that is who she claims to be, danger and contracts is all she knows; though is that all she is really doing?Continue reading “My Books on Amazon”

The Artist Promise

When I was younger in my mid-teens I came up with this oath of sorts. It was just for fun and it is like the promise of an artist. Thanks for coming by, and I’ve had several people follow my blog so far and thank you so much for doing so. Being an all aroundContinue reading “The Artist Promise”

Pros and Cons of Book Writing

Hello all thanks for stopping in on my blog. So I am covering the pros and cons of writing books today. I don’t consider writing a book a negative on any level, but some do since the markets are so flooded and it is hard to sometimes get noticed as an author. So some ofContinue reading “Pros and Cons of Book Writing”