Poem: Treasure trove

What is in a treasure? Be it not that glitters or shines. Or even metal or mineral. If one looks beyond such trivial and materialistic brands that lure and tempt the human mind you reflect within, not without. Within lies hidden or discovered gems and glories that outshine or perhaps have no comparison at all.Continue reading “Poem: Treasure trove”

Poem: Webs

Webs we weave mark a story, a tale that reverberates through the past and many years into the future. Each thread that we delicately sew, whispers each memory and step that is taken in life. With glistening dewdrops that slide downwards and spirals into the canopy below, that holds just a intricate and unseen dabContinue reading “Poem: Webs”

Poem: Adventure

Run, prance,dance love the outdoor world of nature or city streets. Never knowing what is abound or around. New sights ,smells and sounds. Turning over a new leaf and taking a new path never knowing where the winding road may go. To a new romance? Home? Or lesson learned? Expression and perfection in flaws thatContinue reading “Poem: Adventure”

Poem: Lunar Rainbow

Deep within the night some are filled with fright as the storm rages on skewing the view of the familiar glow of heaven’s domain. Rushing winds and thunderous rains send shivers down the spine as lightening streaks and dances across the ominous skies. Time drags, the fear is real. Uncertainty, calamity calls to the mind,Continue reading “Poem: Lunar Rainbow”

Poem: Fairy Ring

Beneath the oaks and willows bows the ring is formed of mushroom clouds. If you dare capture a glance or stumble upon the fairy prance; be careful for they lure with sweets and treats, and so much more. The melody they play a music not for mortal ears. Rarely seen and seldom heard, but ifContinue reading “Poem: Fairy Ring”

Poem: Believe

Have the faith, have the strength within; know that what you can’t see, hear, feel can be real. What seems absent is really there. It can be found, wrapped around the brain. It is with the heart to know, the calling to the soul. A quiet whisper in the ear, a caress upon the skinContinue reading “Poem: Believe”

Poem: Rainbow

The path is heavy, the trail is hard. The pressure builds, the stress mounts as hope dwindles with each passing storm. The body tired; the mind deranged, mangled, detached. The emotions numb, strangled, wore and tore. What more can the life endure? Chasing dead ends, and time that is empty to the soul. Struggle, stretchContinue reading “Poem: Rainbow”

Poem: Mixture

Hand in hand, life to life, so much strife but a chance to reach a paradise. What do you see and feel? A mixture of power or thrill? Lingering doubt or desire, thunderous blunders that stretch into the glittering skies that have no limit to the human eye. How far do you venture, where willContinue reading “Poem: Mixture”

Poem: Honeysuckle

What pungent aroma does linger on the wind caressing the senses with the sweetness again. Year after year coming into bloom that laces through the fence line and showering the landscape with splashes of warm colors easy on the eyes. With symbolism of luck and endurance you do breathe life into each tendril of consciousness.Continue reading “Poem: Honeysuckle”

Poem: Winter

The leaves do creep about the frosty ground as the chill wraps about the existence of the world around. Linger not in the cold for winter’s breath may take hold of the flesh of those abound; do not utter a word or haven’t you heard her viper like ways lure men to their death. SheContinue reading “Poem: Winter”