Poem: Twin flame

Wandering, seeking, wondering, weeping. Missing, loving, caring, blundering in the life given. Eyes lane, hot flame, feelings unexplained. Tight lipped, sculptures of perfection within the soul. wishing, desiring what is out of reach. A luring emotional pull that transcends the far reaching of time and space. A mirror image, a hunger unfed inside the heart.Continue reading “Poem: Twin flame”

Poem: Laugher

Contagious, outrageous that giggling, bubbling fit that crosses the lips of humankind. A chuckle or bolstering loud, deafening roar. Everyone hungers for more of the joyous feel that rises and falls with the ebbing world around. Surreal, so real, gleaming, scheming understanding from the joy fading out to pain. Loving laughter, never or always theContinue reading “Poem: Laugher”

Poem: Foundation

The bottom to the top, the down then up. The build, mix and match to find the perfect liaison to hold the weight of eternity. Made of sticks and sand; watch it slip away on the windy day. Through the fingers it escapes and turns to mud and sinks the life. Rise above, take flight,Continue reading “Poem: Foundation”

Poem: Angel

Wings of flight and feathers abound gliding gracefully to earth’s ground. Gentle guidance and caresses of love, an energy sent far from above. A flight, a fancy, a wisdom so pure once it graces you are never unsure. With courage and antiquity it swirls and curls about every cell of the living. A birth, renewal,Continue reading “Poem: Angel”

Poem: Dream Scape

Wandering, searching, seeking…twisted, ridged shaded in mist and mystery. A inescapable chasm of dark and light blended into the grey hues that line the horizon. What lurks and protrudes through the glossy plane of two worlds? Troubling or calming the heart, the soul yearning, churning the impossible into possible. Endless landscape that shifts and changesContinue reading “Poem: Dream Scape”

To Capture the Easter Rabbit

With sure steps they ventured down into the hall. The two children plotted and schemed for the last two weeks. They had their traps all laid and up to par. They’d not fail this year as they had the previous. Nothing would deter their magnificent entrapment they now had for their bouncing and elusive visitor.Continue reading “To Capture the Easter Rabbit”

Poem: Endless

Twisting, twining, forever unwinding as the love grows and fades like the music to a masquerade. Beginning and ending; the heads are spinning in the clouds up above the rains. Strip it down, lay it down let it be seen bare, everything everywhere from within the soul as the heart rages, cages, the emotions outContinue reading “Poem: Endless”