Poem: The Silenced

Voiceless, speechless, caged, enraged. Entrapment within oneself. Externally, internally silenced. Drowning in the tide; wading in quicksand that rips the salvation from the soul. Wonderless, wordless as they bind and tie the very existence and essence of eternity. Gagged, bound by all that is dark, treacherous and treasonous. A poison to the heart, a mirroredContinue reading “Poem: The Silenced”

Poem: Darkness to Light

The bleakness can be deceiving cause havoc and mislead. A darkness can blanket the world around make it all turn upside down. Tinkering, lingering , stumbling through darkest time. On the horizon it does peek forward against the gaze. A single spec of light in the distance that hypnotizes and lures the soul. Surrendering notContinue reading “Poem: Darkness to Light”