Poem: Lunar Rainbow

Deep within the night some are filled with fright as the storm rages on skewing the view of the familiar glow of heaven’s domain. Rushing winds and thunderous rains send shivers down the spine as lightening streaks and dances across the ominous skies. Time drags, the fear is real. Uncertainty, calamity calls to the mind,Continue reading “Poem: Lunar Rainbow”

Poem: Believe

Have the faith, have the strength within; know that what you can’t see, hear, feel can be real. What seems absent is really there. It can be found, wrapped around the brain. It is with the heart to know, the calling to the soul. A quiet whisper in the ear, a caress upon the skinContinue reading “Poem: Believe”

Poem: Olive Branch

Reach out to thee across the isle of eternity. A gesture of goodwill and comfort for all. A peace and road to tranquility that awaits for ye. Once a single moment turns into many. Day to night in the foray of existence. A hand offered in grace and love. The dove that perches upon endContinue reading “Poem: Olive Branch”

The Artist Promise

When I was younger in my mid-teens I came up with this oath of sorts. It was just for fun and it is like the promise of an artist. Thanks for coming by, and I’ve had several people follow my blog so far and thank you so much for doing so. Being an all aroundContinue reading “The Artist Promise”