Poem: Happily Ever After

A moment in time of happiness and bliss. Pure love and devotion of endless emotions and a future of prosperity and magic. Wonder of a dream come true. Whispers of sweetness and promises kept. A secret world of a cocoon that entraps the scene and picture perfect memory. Happiness of the mind and soul, oneContinue reading “Poem: Happily Ever After”

Poem: Falling Down

Strive to stay alive, the hardship and abuse of the endless circle that forever evolves and detracts. One step forward two fall back. Ups, downs, spins around and upside down. The sun rising at night and moon calls to noon. Splay , display the wrath that chokes and strangles all who live and fade away.Continue reading “Poem: Falling Down”

Poem: Rainbow

The path is heavy, the trail is hard. The pressure builds, the stress mounts as hope dwindles with each passing storm. The body tired; the mind deranged, mangled, detached. The emotions numb, strangled, wore and tore. What more can the life endure? Chasing dead ends, and time that is empty to the soul. Struggle, stretchContinue reading “Poem: Rainbow”

Poem: Wonder

Gaze upon the heavens above, what wonders do they hold? Such glorious and wondrous things to behold. Foreboding to some and dangerous to others, but what lies within the depths of the abyss above? Search the constalations, dance among the clouds, reach towards the skies as they fade into the grand colors that tickle theContinue reading “Poem: Wonder”

Poem: Wishing Well

Drop a penny in the wishing well, close your eyes never tell. Within a moment the memory fades swept away by the sea waves. A childhood day wanders into adulthood as we forget to laugh and play. Children’s dreams flutter into an utter bliss that tickles the nose and makes you twitch. Gentle reminders ofContinue reading “Poem: Wishing Well”

Poem: spiral

Plummeting into the depths below where it stops no one knows. Spiraling, twisting out of control endless abyss into a world unknown. Meticulous blunders with each sweeping wave. Round and round again like a merry-go , off the ground. Dazzling frazzling to the brain enough to cause insanity. Entrapment , re-enactment of the past andContinue reading “Poem: spiral”

Poem: Dream Scape

Wandering, searching, seeking…twisted, ridged shaded in mist and mystery. A inescapable chasm of dark and light blended into the grey hues that line the horizon. What lurks and protrudes through the glossy plane of two worlds? Troubling or calming the heart, the soul yearning, churning the impossible into possible. Endless landscape that shifts and changesContinue reading “Poem: Dream Scape”