Poem: Stories

Look out on the horizon peer out to sea what wondrous things are before thee? Monstrous, magnanimous looming mountains abound; silence brings whispers throughout the foggy peaks. Stories of old, ancient tales that embolden to all those who seek truth along the golden horizon that greets both darkness and light. For what sacrifice has beenContinue reading “Poem: Stories”

poem: unworldy

If all the world would tremble, and silence would be no more, only one soul would hear the rap upon the door. With rushing winds and gusting tides there is no reasons, or compromise as heaven’s defeat does blaze across the midnight skies. Eternal conundrum of blasphemy, of blurred prophecy that speaks to no earsContinue reading “poem: unworldy”

Poem: Mixture

Hand in hand, life to life, so much strife but a chance to reach a paradise. What do you see and feel? A mixture of power or thrill? Lingering doubt or desire, thunderous blunders that stretch into the glittering skies that have no limit to the human eye. How far do you venture, where willContinue reading “Poem: Mixture”

Poem: The forest

Slayed by the greed of humans, robbed the earth of it’s glory and wonder. Protect all that lays beneath the great canopies of life. Can not and will not sacrifice the natural structures for the sake of progress, the survival of all that is marvelous upon this small marble that floats aimlessly about the darkenedContinue reading “Poem: The forest”