Poem: Whispers of Fate

Twists and turns always lessons learned with fate abound. Wonders of magnitude and distress. Broken, breaking hearts that cause delusional visions within the soul. Always new paths and doors opening wide and others closing just as swift. What lies and truth return in every motion that ignites the passion to live? Each step harder forwardContinue reading “Poem: Whispers of Fate”

Poem: Lady Luck

She smiles on some, but not to all. She haunts you with the luck of the draw. She teases and taunts gamblers and risk takers alike; blessing some and betraying those she never likes. Is lady luck here or there? Can she be found anywhere? Does she like the the hunt, the game? Or justContinue reading “Poem: Lady Luck”

Poem: Mirror

Reflect around the world it does , hold the secrets from time stood still. Stand before and reveal all that lays within the future wheel. Shift and shape , warp and twist into a oblivious destination in the soul. Hold your breath , breathe not toward the surface that haunts and shows what can notContinue reading “Poem: Mirror”

Poem: Destiny

Spinning endlessly on the axis of existence. A path of here or there, a choice of consciousness or intuition. Fated or chosen by this or taken from the ability of our own breath. With mental thought or choices of antiquity that have faded through the ages. Generational knowledge passed from each one to another. IsContinue reading “Poem: Destiny”