Poem: Meadow flowers

In carpets green and sheets of rainbow colors. The spring has graced the world again and with vengance the blooms begin to spread from mountain foot to river bottom. They dance and bend within the wind which carries their seeds for the coming years to new and daring lands lands of unknown origins. With leavesContinue reading “Poem: Meadow flowers”

Poem: Honeysuckle

What pungent aroma does linger on the wind caressing the senses with the sweetness again. Year after year coming into bloom that laces through the fence line and showering the landscape with splashes of warm colors easy on the eyes. With symbolism of luck and endurance you do breathe life into each tendril of consciousness.Continue reading “Poem: Honeysuckle”

Poem: Dandelion

Gently dances on the wind making the soft wish again. Catch the imagination and watch it soar. Spreading magic shore to shore. Sprinkled across the Earth’s floor with graceful movements like a feather floating about against the harvest moon. Tickle the skin like a fairy’s kiss, the sound of music a child’s laughter rings throughContinue reading “Poem: Dandelion”

Poem: Spring Flower

Against the horizon it does rest beneath the pale blue sky. Gentle clouds toss about like cotton candy in the wind. The soft petals do reflect a glossy gleam as they protrude from the pistil. A sweet fragrance graces the nostrils of every creature that ventures near. Providing such serenity and beauty within and without.Continue reading “Poem: Spring Flower”