Poem: Morning Glory

What sweet nothings that fell from your lips as the sun kissed the morning shores. Empty promises that fell into the watery depths that spewed from the tongue of the one who claimed to be bound to a soul reflection. The love now turned bitter upon the heart and thoughts no more linger within theContinue reading “Poem: Morning Glory”

Poem: Foolish heart

Dare to love another beyond family and friends, a call to the heart on the mends. Folly should be thy name for love is the fools game as it twists like knife inside the soul; a harsh weapon of choice, but one to show. How many tears? Stoking the fears of acceptance or rejection uponContinue reading “Poem: Foolish heart”

Poem: Broken

Pieces scattered across the ground, a heartache, heart break a shattered soul. Emotions uncontrolled as the tears stream down. A dark place that sputters and spews with the bubbling turmoil of hurt that settles within. Misery is the bleakness that Cascades across the eternal energy that binds every life at a price.