Poem: Twist and twine

Twist and twine like a vine wrapping about the core where none ever explore. From the depths of jungle life to concrete mountains abound and rivers wash in red from the blood that has been bled. The fallen, the calling to the soul, a patriot, warrior no bindings to hold what can not be seenContinue reading “Poem: Twist and twine”

Poem: Honeysuckle

What pungent aroma does linger on the wind caressing the senses with the sweetness again. Year after year coming into bloom that laces through the fence line and showering the landscape with splashes of warm colors easy on the eyes. With symbolism of luck and endurance you do breathe life into each tendril of consciousness.Continue reading “Poem: Honeysuckle”

Poem: Wonder

Gaze upon the heavens above, what wonders do they hold? Such glorious and wondrous things to behold. Foreboding to some and dangerous to others, but what lies within the depths of the abyss above? Search the constalations, dance among the clouds, reach towards the skies as they fade into the grand colors that tickle theContinue reading “Poem: Wonder”

Poem: The Forbidden

Do thy ever search the sky for an answer to the unknown? T’was on the eve of the ‘morrow that unravels the forbidden mystery that may not touch the lips or be whispered upon thy tongue. A bitter moment that Cascades and ripples from shore to mountain peak. Words unheard a thread unwillingly to unravelContinue reading “Poem: The Forbidden”

Poem: Starlight

Beneath the stars make a wish they are twinkling, glorious, magnanimous creations of eternity. Behold how small you can feel and how large the world is not. A simple grain of sand in a moment of time soon gone and lost within a universal plot of great renown. How tendiously simplistic as we stand belowContinue reading “Poem: Starlight”

Poem: The choice

This way or that, that or this. What wonderous choices some filled with bliss others with stumbles, twists or turns how the ground rumbles, no lesson unturned. Questions unanswered and mysteries learned. The love, the pain if you go left, a fortunate future to the right. Is it really written or is it our ownContinue reading “Poem: The choice”

Poem: If Time stood Still

If time stood still like a unspinning, spinning wheel would all the world crumble at my feet from the unwritten beat? If time stood still would anyone remember the thrills of so many forgotten deals? Would the world move still or be stuck in a chill from all the abuse and kills. If time stoodContinue reading “Poem: If Time stood Still”

Poem: Wishing Well

Drop a penny in the wishing well, close your eyes never tell. Within a moment the memory fades swept away by the sea waves. A childhood day wanders into adulthood as we forget to laugh and play. Children’s dreams flutter into an utter bliss that tickles the nose and makes you twitch. Gentle reminders ofContinue reading “Poem: Wishing Well”

Poem: Empty

What lies at the bottom of a bottle? Is it the answer that all seek to explain? It slips from our fingers like sand through an hour glass. Lurking below, flaunting and teasing just on the tip of a thought. Yet, when you reach the empty pits below nothing is your reply. Easing away timeContinue reading “Poem: Empty”