Poem: Time

Round and round, up and down those hands upon the wall. Tic tic tic toc , or make no sound at all. What antagonizing creation of man to walk to a beat for a lifetime incomplete. A rhythm that haunts the soul and makes the days slip out of control. Out of time, out ofContinue reading “Poem: Time”

Poem: Ponder

Sit upon that rock that lays embedded within the earth. Hesitate a while longer and Ponder what and who has sat there before you. What ancient ways and ritualistic minds have came to rest or venture to this very spot in time? Centuries ago or even hours, perhaps they simply admired the view or foundContinue reading “Poem: Ponder”

Poem: Little Bit

What to mix and match a little of this and that. What ingredients does it take or spell to sprinkle a bit of love and passion into the life no matter the strife that haunts every being upon this plane. A little of everything makes the diversity upon this Earth. Enjoy the uniqueness and wonderContinue reading “Poem: Little Bit”

Poem: Lunar Rainbow

Deep within the night some are filled with fright as the storm rages on skewing the view of the familiar glow of heaven’s domain. Rushing winds and thunderous rains send shivers down the spine as lightening streaks and dances across the ominous skies. Time drags, the fear is real. Uncertainty, calamity calls to the mind,Continue reading “Poem: Lunar Rainbow”

Poem: Olive Branch

Reach out to thee across the isle of eternity. A gesture of goodwill and comfort for all. A peace and road to tranquility that awaits for ye. Once a single moment turns into many. Day to night in the foray of existence. A hand offered in grace and love. The dove that perches upon endContinue reading “Poem: Olive Branch”

Poem: Broken Wing

On the wings you did soar higher and higher forevermore. Though there was a sudden breeze, a sudden cliff that clip the wings on the drift. Falling, tumbling in a downward spiral it seems to last for eternity. A spinning mind and emotions in turmoil the wings have broken and the spirit crumbles. Upon theContinue reading “Poem: Broken Wing”

Poem: The poet

There he sits beneath the bows of the old oak. Twiddling his pen between finger tips. The words unwilling to flow from brain to lips, as his page lays blank before him. Oh how the frustration inches into his thoughts as nothing comes forth to spring onto his page. It was surely blasphemy, that heContinue reading “Poem: The poet”

Poem: The shore

Walk upon the shoreline and feel the sand tickle about your feet. The ocean mist rises and splatters across the cove that stretches for miles into the distance of adventure. Fear not what lurks in mystery, but embrace life of the ages. With grace and humility go forth into daylight or darkness and view theContinue reading “Poem: The shore”

Poem: Rising tide

Rise and fall with the ocean’s pull, a soothing tune that lures the heart. Gentle sirens voices wisp through the misty air. Longing for the other side of existence that roils the sea bed below. Tender strokes from the waves that caress like a lover’s finger tips that shatters the barriers so shrewdly crafted. Gurgling,Continue reading “Poem: Rising tide”

Poem: Sacred

Tender blessings all around, innocence in waves with loving touches. Kisses of passion that imprint on the very soul that nibbles away to capture the freedom on the cusp of eternity. What gentle Kindness portrays the imagination on paper? The words flow like tears into the river of life. Revolving , spinning into the mistContinue reading “Poem: Sacred”