Poem: Liberty

Oh once lady liberty rang strong, the bell has cracked the song has gone. Feeding the hungers of our greed, wonderous things but we don’t need. Steadfast , strongest, but capital gains in the country where money reigns. Distortion , exploitation of human rights. Oh great liberty would weep as our foundation begins to crumbleContinue reading “Poem: Liberty”

Poem: Wild fire

Wild fire in the streets the protests are here for keeps. Chasing Injustice across the lands, the time for change is at hand. Corruption and greed should be extinct, equal rights for all to say we are one in every way. For the people by the people no matter race or age. The culture isContinue reading “Poem: Wild fire”

Poem: Injustice

Seen, unseen by the world around. Shot down for the color of the skin not of the blood. Feel the anger, grief, the pain that echoes through a community, a country. Harsh, irresponsible, irreversible actions that ripple through time. Misery, mistaken, Injustice ripped through a nation divided. Fear and hate fuels an already raging fireContinue reading “Poem: Injustice”

Poem: Justice

With a swift blade swinging through the air, it strikes like a serpant so beware. Be it daylight or darkness falls, it is not fettered by the emotional fog. Guilty, innocent the truth is plain to see; judged by the reality. The blade has no season, no need for rest; the final option, the curtainContinue reading “Poem: Justice”