Poem: The Piano

Oh sweet melody that gently plays upon the mind; the keys that are so smooth to the touch with a once ivory glow. Aging, decrepit wood that is cracked but still echoes just as beautifully as the past. Sheet music scattered across the floor that tells of a heated crescendo of a master mind fromContinue reading “Poem: The Piano”

My Books on Amazon

Amazon.com: Chocolate Covered Cherries (9781726667487): Sterling, Nk: Books Sins of the flesh and a web of lies that can come crashing down in a moment; that is the life of Catherine Carol, or that is who she claims to be, danger and contracts is all she knows; though is that all she is really doing?Continue reading “My Books on Amazon”


Oh the dreaded query of any book or novel if you are traditionally publishing. Agents, publishers and alike all want that first page. Thanks for stopping in, hope everything going alright for you. Query letters can be a bit frustrating and exhausting to some writers. You are basically trying to gain the attention of theContinue reading “Querying”

Pseudonym or No?

Hey everyone so thanks for stopping in. Would you do a pen name? Should you do a pen name? That depends on you as usual. I have pen names. Some authors/artists prefer a pen name to keep their identity more private. Others do pen names for the fun of it and the mystery aspect. AlsoContinue reading “Pseudonym or No?”