Poem: Ocean Roar

The waters lap against the shore hungering for so much more. The heart beats at the core; beneath the sea bed the fires burn, a lesson for eternity to learn. The waves crash and roar as their might reaches the pentacle height that lashes at the land. Washes the past from existence of time andContinue reading “Poem: Ocean Roar”

Poem: The shore

Walk upon the shoreline and feel the sand tickle about your feet. The ocean mist rises and splatters across the cove that stretches for miles into the distance of adventure. Fear not what lurks in mystery, but embrace life of the ages. With grace and humility go forth into daylight or darkness and view theContinue reading “Poem: The shore”

Poem: Rising tide

Rise and fall with the ocean’s pull, a soothing tune that lures the heart. Gentle sirens voices wisp through the misty air. Longing for the other side of existence that roils the sea bed below. Tender strokes from the waves that caress like a lover’s finger tips that shatters the barriers so shrewdly crafted. Gurgling,Continue reading “Poem: Rising tide”