Poem: Bottom

Up and down, spin around; down and out without a doubt. High to low, way too slow. Lost in the endless pits of devastation. Bottom to top, forsaken and faking the strides in life. Less is more, mess in the crest of oblivion. Minuscule, trivial, unbelievable silence that creates the cracks of a timeless spill.Continue reading “Poem: Bottom”

Easter/Spring chicken craft/poem

Cheeping , chirping, pecking, searching for the juicy bugs and slugs. Crowing by the morning light as the hens lay their eggs to bring in the spring cheer and new life. They happily scratch across the fields and bock and flock with zeal. Say hello to orange pie, she loves to lay and play. ThanksContinue reading “Easter/Spring chicken craft/poem”

Poem: Star Dusting

Across the sky they stand their ground, racing and tracing through history. They sprinkle and sparkle throughout time against the abyss of a endless space that holds no place. A magic, a mystery, a creation for the ages long embedded into the existence of earth’s plateau. Dusting on the wind, swirl and twisting into theContinue reading “Poem: Star Dusting”

Poem/Craft: Farewell fair Winter

Seasons come seasons go, time ticks on new dreams grow. As the world goes dormant from the icy chills of winter’s breath all of nature does confess. Kiss the snowflake goodbye, watch them turn to tears as the sun revives the greenery, scenery before your very eyes. Lady Spring comes to grow, raises flowers andContinue reading “Poem/Craft: Farewell fair Winter”

Poem: Endless

Twisting, twining, forever unwinding as the love grows and fades like the music to a masquerade. Beginning and ending; the heads are spinning in the clouds up above the rains. Strip it down, lay it down let it be seen bare, everything everywhere from within the soul as the heart rages, cages, the emotions outContinue reading “Poem: Endless”

Poem: Meticulous

Skimped, scamper, tip of the toe; wiggle squiggle which way to go? Squeeze and ease through the crowded atmosphere. Gentle as you go, dainty and twisted complicated to and fro. Venture, incher tap and row what a swaying and changing wonderous low. Picture in and fading out the hardship and action beyond the raging gridirons;Continue reading “Poem: Meticulous”

Poem: Mountain

High into the clouds above you step with grace and ease as the wind does whistle through the monstrous eves, and the eyes do capture heaven’s glory; you stand upon the meticulous ground with unsure footing you make not a sound as every muscle strains to reach a unimaginable peak. With labored breaths and chillsContinue reading “Poem: Mountain”