Windy Perception

Whispering through the trees, it does rattle the falling leaves. Caressing and seeing all, it travels the world with no cares at all. Knowing near and far the mountains of the east or oceans of the west, slithering and sliding through the cracks of walls touching all surfaces it knows best. Pushing storms and midnightContinue reading “Windy Perception”

Poem: Difference

Once or twice, pay the price we whisper, we weave a story hard to believe. What memories we do recall, what world evolves through it all? Loving , fighting, missing, crying is it worth the chance of dying? Don’t cause the pain, don’t fight the fear, hold all those close that are dear. With softContinue reading “Poem: Difference”

Poem : Forsaken Heart.

Year to year, the centuries near though no escape from the twist and turns of fate; so often, too often misplaced, misstep how many more moons has the waves swept? In reach, out of reach one lifetime or another will we continue to pretend or be dissatisfied with another? The blood given, taken; so manyContinue reading “Poem : Forsaken Heart.”

Chesalear Castle

In towering grace and mountainous strength standing the weatheringtest of time, there stands Chesalear Castle; seeming to rise from the bedof rock and soil, for which it slumbers for eternity- With hauntingly, magnanimous looming walls that stretch into the endlessglittering skies of golden rays, it holds the secrets of all the past lives betrayed- WhatContinue reading “Chesalear Castle”

The staircase

In the glittering of space and time above or darkness and intrigued that lays below. I stand to question which way to go. The current situation that tempts the curiosity of a cat, which makes me wonder if I should grow, said fuzzy ears then perhaps the heaven or darkness may relinquish a clue soContinue reading “The staircase”