Poem:Time of Day

Dream away till the dawn of rays, when light touches dark; starting a new day. The colors swirl and fade into everlasting waves. The sun chases away the shades of grey and black, the warmth that touches the earth, many lack. The dew clings to new fallen leaves as creature rise to greet the morningContinue reading “Poem:Time of Day”

Poem: The poet

There he sits beneath the bows of the old oak. Twiddling his pen between finger tips. The words unwilling to flow from brain to lips, as his page lays blank before him. Oh how the frustration inches into his thoughts as nothing comes forth to spring onto his page. It was surely blasphemy, that heContinue reading “Poem: The poet”

Poem: The shore

Walk upon the shoreline and feel the sand tickle about your feet. The ocean mist rises and splatters across the cove that stretches for miles into the distance of adventure. Fear not what lurks in mystery, but embrace life of the ages. With grace and humility go forth into daylight or darkness and view theContinue reading “Poem: The shore”

Poem: Rising tide

Rise and fall with the ocean’s pull, a soothing tune that lures the heart. Gentle sirens voices wisp through the misty air. Longing for the other side of existence that roils the sea bed below. Tender strokes from the waves that caress like a lover’s finger tips that shatters the barriers so shrewdly crafted. Gurgling,Continue reading “Poem: Rising tide”

Poem: Candy

Sweet or sour upon the taste buds, it blooms across the pallette. Delicious but not quite nutritious. An array of flavors that cause the exploration of the exotic. Lean to the darker side of chocolate or slice of caramel that makes a savory treat, nothing quite competes with the sugary treats of life. From generationContinue reading “Poem: Candy”

Poem: The feather

Gently grazing across the slumbering skin of the love wishing to win. The horizon casting the filtered light through the window panes that illuminate the moment in time. Tickle along the freckled flesh that squirms in delight. A soft giggle emits from the lips as one is stirred from the tosseled bed. The feather fluttersContinue reading “Poem: The feather”


From town to town weaving never no home or deceiving oneself into the blistering sun and chilling cold, icy to the bone. On horse, car, train afar newest arrivals to behold. No seeking or discovering, just running , fleeing from the internal demons that haunt every cell of the human physiology. Cursed, plagued, outcast ofContinue reading “Poem:Wander”

Poem: The forest

Slayed by the greed of humans, robbed the earth of it’s glory and wonder. Protect all that lays beneath the great canopies of life. Can not and will not sacrifice the natural structures for the sake of progress, the survival of all that is marvelous upon this small marble that floats aimlessly about the darkenedContinue reading “Poem: The forest”

Poem: Wild fire

Wild fire in the streets the protests are here for keeps. Chasing Injustice across the lands, the time for change is at hand. Corruption and greed should be extinct, equal rights for all to say we are one in every way. For the people by the people no matter race or age. The culture isContinue reading “Poem: Wild fire”

Poem: Injustice

Seen, unseen by the world around. Shot down for the color of the skin not of the blood. Feel the anger, grief, the pain that echoes through a community, a country. Harsh, irresponsible, irreversible actions that ripple through time. Misery, mistaken, Injustice ripped through a nation divided. Fear and hate fuels an already raging fireContinue reading “Poem: Injustice”