Poem: Weeping Willow

Oh why does the willow weep? When the sun so gladly bathes it’s tenderleaves within in it’s warm rays. Though why does the willow creak? Whenthe gentle breeze blows caressing and drying willows tears and yet it stillharbors secrets of the unknown beneath it’s bowing bows of arms thatreach down surrendering to its own weight.Continue reading “Poem: Weeping Willow”

Poem: Night Shift

As daylight kisses the earth it triggers a raging fire. The tendrils of sunlight wrap the rays about every darkened soul. The warmth chases the chills from the bones that set in from night’s slumber. With gentle caresses from the mused wind it nudges and tickles breath into every crevice and crease across the land.Continue reading “Poem: Night Shift”