Topic : Kindle Vella

So if you haven’t heard of kindle vella, it is a new platform that Amazon has come up with for authors/readers. It released earlier this week for readers and authors could post on it for last couple months. It is literally serialized writing, so authors post chapter by chapter. First three chapters are free andContinue reading “Topic : Kindle Vella”

My Books on Amazon Chocolate Covered Cherries (9781726667487): Sterling, Nk: Books Sins of the flesh and a web of lies that can come crashing down in a moment; that is the life of Catherine Carol, or that is who she claims to be, danger and contracts is all she knows; though is that all she is really doing?Continue reading “My Books on Amazon”

Traditional Publishing vs Indie Publishing

Oh the final moments of editing are here, you feel the excitement and hope that you might have a successful and beloved book in the world. You polished and edited, edited, edited! Now you sit and stare at a finished book. You are in awe you did this all yourself. Now you have three choicesContinue reading “Traditional Publishing vs Indie Publishing”