Poem: Spring Flower

Against the horizon it does rest beneath the pale blue sky. Gentle clouds toss about like cotton candy in the wind. The soft petals do reflect a glossy gleam as they protrude from the pistil. A sweet fragrance graces the nostrils of every creature that ventures near. Providing such serenity and beauty within and without.Continue reading “Poem: Spring Flower”

Poem: Twin flame

Wandering, seeking, wondering, weeping. Missing, loving, caring, blundering in the life given. Eyes lane, hot flame, feelings unexplained. Tight lipped, sculptures of perfection within the soul. wishing, desiring what is out of reach. A luring emotional pull that transcends the far reaching of time and space. A mirror image, a hunger unfed inside the heart.Continue reading “Poem: Twin flame”

Poem: Foundation

The bottom to the top, the down then up. The build, mix and match to find the perfect liaison to hold the weight of eternity. Made of sticks and sand; watch it slip away on the windy day. Through the fingers it escapes and turns to mud and sinks the life. Rise above, take flight,Continue reading “Poem: Foundation”


Oh the dreaded query of any book or novel if you are traditionally publishing. Agents, publishers and alike all want that first page. Thanks for stopping in, hope everything going alright for you. Query letters can be a bit frustrating and exhausting to some writers. You are basically trying to gain the attention of theContinue reading “Querying”

Poem: Bottom

Up and down, spin around; down and out without a doubt. High to low, way too slow. Lost in the endless pits of devastation. Bottom to top, forsaken and faking the strides in life. Less is more, mess in the crest of oblivion. Minuscule, trivial, unbelievable silence that creates the cracks of a timeless spill.Continue reading “Poem: Bottom”

The staircase

In the glittering of space and time above or darkness and intrigued that lays below. I stand to question which way to go. The current situation that tempts the curiosity of a cat, which makes me wonder if I should grow, said fuzzy ears then perhaps the heaven or darkness may relinquish a clue soContinue reading “The staircase”

Poem: Celestial

There was once nothing but darkness which lurked and loomed Across the silent space which never knew another place- Alone And forgotten to the universal race – Dark grew cold and bleak Not wishing to ever speak, only to be lonely and meek. – But then came light, she was such a sight her illuminatingContinue reading “Poem: Celestial”

Pros and Cons of Book Writing

Hello all thanks for stopping in on my blog. So I am covering the pros and cons of writing books today. I don’t consider writing a book a negative on any level, but some do since the markets are so flooded and it is hard to sometimes get noticed as an author. So some ofContinue reading “Pros and Cons of Book Writing”

Book Teaser: Revenge is Just a Word

“I promise, you promise too?” Fiona couldn’t help but to smile at her son as he questioned her. She brought her hand over her heart to mimic his actions. He was growing fast and one day soon he would be gone from her. It was a depressing thought but that is how life circles aroundContinue reading “Book Teaser: Revenge is Just a Word”