Poem: Spring Flower

Against the horizon it does rest beneath the pale blue sky. Gentle clouds toss about like cotton candy in the wind. The soft petals do reflect a glossy gleam as they protrude from the pistil. A sweet fragrance graces the nostrils of every creature that ventures near. Providing such serenity and beauty within and without.Continue reading “Poem: Spring Flower”

To Capture the Easter Rabbit

With sure steps they ventured down into the hall. The two children plotted and schemed for the last two weeks. They had their traps all laid and up to par. They’d not fail this year as they had the previous. Nothing would deter their magnificent entrapment they now had for their bouncing and elusive visitor.Continue reading “To Capture the Easter Rabbit”

The Artist Promise

When I was younger in my mid-teens I came up with this oath of sorts. It was just for fun and it is like the promise of an artist. Thanks for coming by, and I’ve had several people follow my blog so far and thank you so much for doing so. Being an all aroundContinue reading “The Artist Promise”

Poem: Bottom

Up and down, spin around; down and out without a doubt. High to low, way too slow. Lost in the endless pits of devastation. Bottom to top, forsaken and faking the strides in life. Less is more, mess in the crest of oblivion. Minuscule, trivial, unbelievable silence that creates the cracks of a timeless spill.Continue reading “Poem: Bottom”

Poem: Star Dusting

Across the sky they stand their ground, racing and tracing through history. They sprinkle and sparkle throughout time against the abyss of a endless space that holds no place. A magic, a mystery, a creation for the ages long embedded into the existence of earth’s plateau. Dusting on the wind, swirl and twisting into theContinue reading “Poem: Star Dusting”

Marketing a Novel

I consider this one of the most challenging topics for a novelist, and writers/artists in general. Thanks for being here and reading by the way. So you’ve got your book done, polished, edited, and have chosen what way of publishing you want to do. So once it’s published then what? That is the big questionContinue reading “Marketing a Novel”

The staircase

In the glittering of space and time above or darkness and intrigued that lays below. I stand to question which way to go. The current situation that tempts the curiosity of a cat, which makes me wonder if I should grow, said fuzzy ears then perhaps the heaven or darkness may relinquish a clue soContinue reading “The staircase”

Pros and Cons of Book Writing

Hello all thanks for stopping in on my blog. So I am covering the pros and cons of writing books today. I don’t consider writing a book a negative on any level, but some do since the markets are so flooded and it is hard to sometimes get noticed as an author. So some ofContinue reading “Pros and Cons of Book Writing”

Book Teaser: Revenge is Just a Word

“I promise, you promise too?” Fiona couldn’t help but to smile at her son as he questioned her. She brought her hand over her heart to mimic his actions. He was growing fast and one day soon he would be gone from her. It was a depressing thought but that is how life circles aroundContinue reading “Book Teaser: Revenge is Just a Word”