“The” One

The one or just one, In the sea of endless souls. We hear the whispers and feel the dreams as love always unfolds. Sweet words and timeless memories that cascade over our existences. Just one, not always the one to wrap about every cell and thought that descends into the depths of just being. SketchContinue reading ““The” One”

Poem: Kiss to the Moon

When night falls she comes to greet the world around and life can seem upside down. Blow a kiss to the illumination above who waits for her love, but he never comes. He is trapped on the otherside bringing sunshine to life and growth, while she brings calm and sleep. So send them each aContinue reading “Poem: Kiss to the Moon”

Poem: Happily Ever After

A moment in time of happiness and bliss. Pure love and devotion of endless emotions and a future of prosperity and magic. Wonder of a dream come true. Whispers of sweetness and promises kept. A secret world of a cocoon that entraps the scene and picture perfect memory. Happiness of the mind and soul, oneContinue reading “Poem: Happily Ever After”

Poem: Daybreak

By morning dew I reach for you before sun light kisses nature’s glory. The light caresses chill the skin, loving, tender whispers again. Kindness courses through the veins by every touch I know your name. This love affair, so unfair for distance divides the world’s we live. Little time, endless emotions that course through everyContinue reading “Poem: Daybreak”

Poem: Foolish heart

Dare to love another beyond family and friends, a call to the heart on the mends. Folly should be thy name for love is the fools game as it twists like knife inside the soul; a harsh weapon of choice, but one to show. How many tears? Stoking the fears of acceptance or rejection uponContinue reading “Poem: Foolish heart”


With lingering sadness and tears that slowly dry upon the cheeks, what gentle reminders fill the past of what we once could be. Know that a goodbye is never forever for life weaves mysteries beyond our conception. One may dabble into the philosophy of time and place, nothing is ever too late to render intoContinue reading “Poem:Farewell”

Poem: Longing

The heart aches from the distance between us. The miles cause chaos within the soul. Not able to bare these emotions running out of control. Mind delivers doubt into this scene, silence stretches between us. Not a word for days to come as you chase a life away from our own. The little world createdContinue reading “Poem: Longing”

Poem: I do

From this day forward and forever more it’s a promise to last for all time. Two lovers join in one life and travel the same path. A bond, connection, that outlasts the trivial and unexpected elements that come to play. Vow’s are taken , memories created as the world spins and tosses about. Breathless, nervousContinue reading “Poem: I do”

Poem: Distance

So close yet so far, wishing to reach you but arms can not twine like a vine to stretch the distance between our hearts. Within a slow burning ember lies the heat of every soul; some rage others simmer like the summer day. The miles can not limit the emotions as they splay over theContinue reading “Poem: Distance”

Poem: The Love Letter

Anticipation is the word that rattles through the brain as the feelings of love can drive anyone insane. Sweaty palms, and butterflies do flutter as the excitement does escalate for the awaited time. The mystery lies within the parchment that is due to be delivered quite soon. From a distant place, a far away landContinue reading “Poem: The Love Letter”