Poem: Stories

Look out on the horizon peer out to sea what wondrous things are before thee? Monstrous, magnanimous looming mountains abound; silence brings whispers throughout the foggy peaks. Stories of old, ancient tales that embolden to all those who seek truth along the golden horizon that greets both darkness and light. For what sacrifice has beenContinue reading “Poem: Stories”

Poem: The Piano

Oh sweet melody that gently plays upon the mind; the keys that are so smooth to the touch with a once ivory glow. Aging, decrepit wood that is cracked but still echoes just as beautifully as the past. Sheet music scattered across the floor that tells of a heated crescendo of a master mind fromContinue reading “Poem: The Piano”

Poem: Laugher

Contagious, outrageous that giggling, bubbling fit that crosses the lips of humankind. A chuckle or bolstering loud, deafening roar. Everyone hungers for more of the joyous feel that rises and falls with the ebbing world around. Surreal, so real, gleaming, scheming understanding from the joy fading out to pain. Loving laughter, never or always theContinue reading “Poem: Laugher”