Poem: Lunar Rainbow

Deep within the night some are filled with fright as the storm rages on skewing the view of the familiar glow of heaven’s domain. Rushing winds and thunderous rains send shivers down the spine as lightening streaks and dances across the ominous skies. Time drags, the fear is real. Uncertainty, calamity calls to the mind,Continue reading “Poem: Lunar Rainbow”

Poem: Winter

The leaves do creep about the frosty ground as the chill wraps about the existence of the world around. Linger not in the cold for winter’s breath may take hold of the flesh of those abound; do not utter a word or haven’t you heard her viper like ways lure men to their death. SheContinue reading “Poem: Winter”

Poem: Thunder

With might unclear to humanity the thunder reverberates across the valley. Shake and tremble at the storm as it speaks of wrath and revenge. Stand before nature’s fury and greatness once again. No silence to grace ears around, only thunderous suspense that echo into existence. Lightening amplifies and dances across the midnight skies bringing gloryContinue reading “Poem: Thunder”

Poem: Summer Bliss

The rising high sun comes blazing down across the hill side of the east as the rain does kiss to the West. Greeting all that flourish upon nature’s design. Soft petals of late bloomers dance within the windy breeze that flutters them to far off destinations. The gentle aromas of Earth’s mysteries come to restContinue reading “Poem: Summer Bliss”