Poem: Celestial

Sit beneath the stars and gaze on what a wonderous maze lays above the heads of every living soul that dreads what the future may hold. Piece together the puzzles of centuries long forgot. How many ancestors gazed before our lot? Imaginations stretched far and wide, could they really conceive the possibilities what lay beyondContinue reading “Poem: Celestial”

Poem: Meadow flowers

In carpets green and sheets of rainbow colors. The spring has graced the world again and with vengance the blooms begin to spread from mountain foot to river bottom. They dance and bend within the wind which carries their seeds for the coming years to new and daring lands lands of unknown origins. With leavesContinue reading “Poem: Meadow flowers”

Poem: Ponder

Sit upon that rock that lays embedded within the earth. Hesitate a while longer and Ponder what and who has sat there before you. What ancient ways and ritualistic minds have came to rest or venture to this very spot in time? Centuries ago or even hours, perhaps they simply admired the view or foundContinue reading “Poem: Ponder”

Poem: Starlight

Beneath the stars make a wish they are twinkling, glorious, magnanimous creations of eternity. Behold how small you can feel and how large the world is not. A simple grain of sand in a moment of time soon gone and lost within a universal plot of great renown. How tendiously simplistic as we stand belowContinue reading “Poem: Starlight”

Poem: If Time stood Still

If time stood still like a unspinning, spinning wheel would all the world crumble at my feet from the unwritten beat? If time stood still would anyone remember the thrills of so many forgotten deals? Would the world move still or be stuck in a chill from all the abuse and kills. If time stoodContinue reading “Poem: If Time stood Still”

Poem: Dandelion

Gently dances on the wind making the soft wish again. Catch the imagination and watch it soar. Spreading magic shore to shore. Sprinkled across the Earth’s floor with graceful movements like a feather floating about against the harvest moon. Tickle the skin like a fairy’s kiss, the sound of music a child’s laughter rings throughContinue reading “Poem: Dandelion”

My Books on Amazon

Amazon.com: Chocolate Covered Cherries (9781726667487): Sterling, Nk: Books Sins of the flesh and a web of lies that can come crashing down in a moment; that is the life of Catherine Carol, or that is who she claims to be, danger and contracts is all she knows; though is that all she is really doing?Continue reading “My Books on Amazon”

Poem: Moments

Time to time, under and rewind a step, a breath a wonderous thing. Passing by and they can rise and fly. Surprise or be a bit sad. Never know, show or grow the moments are an amazing, venturous things await as each second ticks by. What time does wrap about the way we move throughContinue reading “Poem: Moments”