Poem: Candle light

Light a candle and think of me, and I will do the same for thee. No matter the distance between us now, even if we are an ocean apart distance can’t change the human heart, but can cause yearning and burning desire for the ones missed longing for the kiss of passion and love aboundContinue reading “Poem: Candle light”

Poem: Adventure

Run, prance,dance love the outdoor world of nature or city streets. Never knowing what is abound or around. New sights ,smells and sounds. Turning over a new leaf and taking a new path never knowing where the winding road may go. To a new romance? Home? Or lesson learned? Expression and perfection in flaws thatContinue reading “Poem: Adventure”

Poem: Rising tide

Rise and fall with the ocean’s pull, a soothing tune that lures the heart. Gentle sirens voices wisp through the misty air. Longing for the other side of existence that roils the sea bed below. Tender strokes from the waves that caress like a lover’s finger tips that shatters the barriers so shrewdly crafted. Gurgling,Continue reading “Poem: Rising tide”


From town to town weaving never no home or deceiving oneself into the blistering sun and chilling cold, icy to the bone. On horse, car, train afar newest arrivals to behold. No seeking or discovering, just running , fleeing from the internal demons that haunt every cell of the human physiology. Cursed, plagued, outcast ofContinue reading “Poem:Wander”

Poem: Longing

The heart aches from the distance between us. The miles cause chaos within the soul. Not able to bare these emotions running out of control. Mind delivers doubt into this scene, silence stretches between us. Not a word for days to come as you chase a life away from our own. The little world createdContinue reading “Poem: Longing”

Poem: Distance

So close yet so far, wishing to reach you but arms can not twine like a vine to stretch the distance between our hearts. Within a slow burning ember lies the heat of every soul; some rage others simmer like the summer day. The miles can not limit the emotions as they splay over theContinue reading “Poem: Distance”