Poem: Starlight

Beneath the stars make a wish they are twinkling, glorious, magnanimous creations of eternity. Behold how small you can feel and how large the world is not. A simple grain of sand in a moment of time soon gone and lost within a universal plot of great renown. How tendiously simplistic as we stand belowContinue reading “Poem: Starlight”

Poem: If Time stood Still

If time stood still like a unspinning, spinning wheel would all the world crumble at my feet from the unwritten beat? If time stood still would anyone remember the thrills of so many forgotten deals? Would the world move still or be stuck in a chill from all the abuse and kills. If time stoodContinue reading “Poem: If Time stood Still”

Poem: Nothing

Everything is nothing and nothing is everything. One in the same forever swimming in the universe of love and pain. One step up or down, always turned around. Nothing for everything , everything for nothing . Twist and turns all one in the same. Your blood is my blood, all the same , all nothingContinue reading “Poem: Nothing”