Poem: Stories

Look out on the horizon peer out to sea what wondrous things are before thee? Monstrous, magnanimous looming mountains abound; silence brings whispers throughout the foggy peaks. Stories of old, ancient tales that embolden to all those who seek truth along the golden horizon that greets both darkness and light. For what sacrifice has beenContinue reading “Poem: Stories”

Poem: Fairy Ring

Beneath the oaks and willows bows the ring is formed of mushroom clouds. If you dare capture a glance or stumble upon the fairy prance; be careful for they lure with sweets and treats, and so much more. The melody they play a music not for mortal ears. Rarely seen and seldom heard, but ifContinue reading “Poem: Fairy Ring”

Poem: Imagine

A silence across the world, a sign of calm. No more tears of sadness and only marks of joy. The rockets red glare buried beneath Earth’s surface. Cries of pain long faded in the past, no scars to Outlast the ticking of the clock. A quiet energy sweeps across the land, a new time hasContinue reading “Poem: Imagine”