Writing a Synopsis

Oh all the good times of writing a book and finishing it! Thanks for stopping in. The synopsis of a book Isn’t as bad as a query or blurb on the back of the book; at least to me anyway. You have more breathing room and options to an extent. So let’s get to it!Continue reading “Writing a Synopsis”


Oh the dreaded query of any book or novel if you are traditionally publishing. Agents, publishers and alike all want that first page. Thanks for stopping in, hope everything going alright for you. Query letters can be a bit frustrating and exhausting to some writers. You are basically trying to gain the attention of theContinue reading “Querying”

Book Cover

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping in. Book cover is a fun and important aspect of a book. It is the first thing an audience sees besides the title to draw them to the book. If you go with a traditional publisher they typically have a graphic artist design the book cover. If you self publishContinue reading “Book Cover”

Choosing a Book Title

Hello all, thanks for stopping in. This one is a bit short but it’s a easy topic to cover for me. Choosing a title for anything be it poem, book, lyric, or even an art project can be questionable to some and complicated for others. Some people choose a title before even starting the projectContinue reading “Choosing a Book Title”

Marketing a Novel

I consider this one of the most challenging topics for a novelist, and writers/artists in general. Thanks for being here and reading by the way. So you’ve got your book done, polished, edited, and have chosen what way of publishing you want to do. So once it’s published then what? That is the big questionContinue reading “Marketing a Novel”

Finding Your Writing Niche

Hey everyone, thanks for coming. So what is a niche in writing? It can be both style and genre at least to me. Your style over the years of writing can change, with situations and scenarios. Genres it depends on you, do you like romance? Mystery? Crimes? Fantasy? You can write multiple genres if youContinue reading “Finding Your Writing Niche”

Writing a book part 1

Well, welcome to my blog and posts. Thank you for stopping in. I will write a few posts on how writing a book impacts me and how you might want to start your own book journey. So far I’ve written three finished novels and a poetry book. Each book is a journey of it’s ownContinue reading “Writing a book part 1”