Poem: Shadows

Shadows dance along the walls, haunting and daunting memories after all. Wisps of dreams as darkness rings the bell to the entrance of life and strife. Sacrifice and endless wonders; up and down embrace the blunders to expand the horizon of perfection. Blackness, tactless tickle across the skin. A caress from the lips of theContinue reading “Poem: Shadows”

Poem: Silver rain

if the stars fall will the oceans rise from the twists and turns of earth’s demise? If the stars fall will darkness prevail, with no light to shine on this eternal hell? If the stars land beneath our feet will the dust form heavens elite and cause the defeat of Hercules? When the stars fallContinue reading “Poem: Silver rain”

Poem: Lunar Rainbow

Deep within the night some are filled with fright as the storm rages on skewing the view of the familiar glow of heaven’s domain. Rushing winds and thunderous rains send shivers down the spine as lightening streaks and dances across the ominous skies. Time drags, the fear is real. Uncertainty, calamity calls to the mind,Continue reading “Poem: Lunar Rainbow”

Poem: Fairy Ring

Beneath the oaks and willows bows the ring is formed of mushroom clouds. If you dare capture a glance or stumble upon the fairy prance; be careful for they lure with sweets and treats, and so much more. The melody they play a music not for mortal ears. Rarely seen and seldom heard, but ifContinue reading “Poem: Fairy Ring”

Poem: Wonder

Gaze upon the heavens above, what wonders do they hold? Such glorious and wondrous things to behold. Foreboding to some and dangerous to others, but what lies within the depths of the abyss above? Search the constalations, dance among the clouds, reach towards the skies as they fade into the grand colors that tickle theContinue reading “Poem: Wonder”

Poem: The Stare

Across the room feel the stare the sensation laying you bare. The rising hair upon the flesh you scan the room and cannot confess you see the culprit that targets the soul. An eerie emotion takes control. A nervous blunder and flight response, a tinge of curiosity laced in fear, when would it be clear?Continue reading “Poem: The Stare”

Poem: The Cowboy

In the mountains of Wyoming he did ride, here came the snow drift and the frozen tide. With unsure footing he stumbled through the cold. His horse by his side and gun strapped to hip, his frozen fingers could not grip. With shaking chills that racked his frame, his breath a fog, his boots didContinue reading “Poem: The Cowboy”

Poem: Darkness to Light

The bleakness can be deceiving cause havoc and mislead. A darkness can blanket the world around make it all turn upside down. Tinkering, lingering , stumbling through darkest time. On the horizon it does peek forward against the gaze. A single spec of light in the distance that hypnotizes and lures the soul. Surrendering notContinue reading “Poem: Darkness to Light”

Poem: Leafy

Floating gently in the wind and growing heavily in the trees, absorbing all the sunshine and reaching for the blue abyss above all to see. Rattle and whisper through the breeze. Freeze and called by winter’s breath, changing season when nothing is left. Brittle and crunchy beneath the feet , rake away at no defeat.Continue reading “Poem: Leafy”

Poem: Bloom in June

In the midst of summer with the sweltering heat blazing abound. A single bloom rises from the earth. With petals the hue of the fiery desert sunsets, and mirages that cast the doubt of the mind. Dare to pick such beauty of the desert rose? A prick of the thorns sends you into the depthsContinue reading “Poem: Bloom in June”